“The fact of the matter is the National Transportation System is broken…,”  Tom Cochran CEO and Executive Director U.S. Conference of Mayors. “National Mayors Conference Video”

The Solution: SkyTran & N.A.S.A.

Skytran: Faster, Safer, Smarter mode of transportation.

No lines, no new taxes, no subsidies, and no budget gaps. Just N.A.S.A. ingenuity at its best.

Skytran: 400%+/- Faster/Cheaper vs. M.B.T.A.
Skytran: 200%+/- Faster/Cheaper vs. Car
Skytran: 10%-80%+/- Faster/Cheaper vs. Flying/Airline
Skytran: 400% Cheaper vs. Obama High Speed Rail

The Easy Profitable Solution:

Skytran and N.A.S.A. are prepared to come into Boston & New England to provide us with a state of the art world class public transportation system for FREE!  How can they do that you ask?  With just 35,000 riders a day Skytran can make a profit. The green line has 250,000 riders a day and the state has 1.3 million a day, growing soon to be over 1 Billion riders a day. Our current system can’t handle that. By eliminating the need for funding and the fact that it will turn a profit Skytran can be rolled out across Massachusetts and New England quickly and easily. This will give us the World Class High Speed Public Transportation System that we need and deserve. Being on the forefront and setting the bar in public transportation will bring a vast amount of tourism, business, and jobs to Boston and New England.

Skytran Benefits:

1.Free, fast, safe, secure, sustainable, and profitable. This will make us a much more productive, happier, healthier community and will save the current taxpayers and the MBTA ridership over $8,000,000 EVERY day and $2.4 Billion a year+/-.  In addition,  factor in the Hundreds of Millions of dollars in profits it will bring to cities and towns.

2.The Boston Public School system can now provide safe, fast, reliable, and eco friendly service as well as having the potential to save over 75% +/-  of their $77million transportation budget.  That’s a savings of $58,000,000.+/-.

3.The Airport and public roads would be much easier to navigate and would greatly improve the safety and security of the current public transportation system.

4.The Green line would be profitable by $85,000,000 per year and would immediately allow for expansion to other cities and towns. has a plan to set up a fund with Skytran and the M.B.T.A to protect the M.B.T.A employees and their families from a pension program that will not likely be viable in the near future. This will guarantee Green opportunities, financial assistance, and education to M.B.T.A. employees as well as other citizens in the community.

(Remember, if you like this idea please send us an email so Boston and New England can be the first to have Skytran installed! Otherwise California, Israel, and India will be the first and we will have a brand new antiquated system, built by Korea, with huge financial obligations.  Keep in mind Skytran is so efficient it would actually subsidize our public transportation budget gaps and still turn a profit.  That way you can keep the lines that make sense, convert the rest, and continue to expand.)

The Hard Bankrupt Truth:

1) David F. D’Alessandro, “The outlook Is Bleak… Our “frank assessment” concludes that a structural operating deficit has existed for many years…” “Click here to see MBTA Review”

2) “The fact of the matter is the National transportation system is broken outmoded and needs thorough modernization…” Tom Cochran, CEO and National Director U.S. Conference of Mayors “Click here to see National Mayors Conference Video”

3) The M.B.T.A Union workers have worked long and hard and bought into a pension program that is unsustainable and will most likely have to end.  In some cases pensions may not be honored.

Massachusetts and New England have been qualified to receive a free world class high speed public transportation system built by Skytran & N.A.S.A.  Do your research and push for this plan to let Skytran & N.A.S.A fix and replace our current system, boost our economy, and bring us into the 21st Century with the only self-sustainable transportation in the World.

Tax Payers and good citizens!  Do you want to give $190 million American dollars for new trains from South Korea or give N.A.S.A, a First Class American companyZero Dollars and have them deliver us a N.A.S.A built system for FREE?  Don’t get me wrong I love the Koreans and my Korean intern/friend is sitting right next to me while I write this but we owe it to the American people and to N.A.S.A. to at least give them a chance since there is Zero cost to the Tax Payers.  Even my Korean friend agreed and is now looking to bring N.A.S.A.’s superior technology to Korea.  If Korea uses our technology before us that would be a major oversight on America’s part.  It looks like Israel and India will also be using N.A.S.A’s technology before the United States if we do not start demanding commonsense solutions and put politics aside.

Do you want to be the first to have a high speed personal rapid transit system in your area?  Let us know…

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