“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”
-Albert Einstein:

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Do you want the best for your kid?  Will you demand it?  Let us know if you are willing to help make a difference.

Like every other parent all I want is the best for my kid and family.  Come to find out there is NO manual that instructs us A-Z how to

teach and Brain Map our children properly.  If there is can someone please let us know, thank you.

We are going to share some ideas and techniques used for centuries for teaching children naturally how to become so called “little geniuses” and how to master 10 simple building blocks of life, Love, reading, art, music, math, sports/nutrition/health, 1 to 8 foreign languages, proper manners, and social skills all by the age of 5 years old.  This is a simple and proven way to work with a child from birth to 5 years old to naturally develop their Life skills.

We’ve spent the past 6 years researching how to make our kids geniuses and elite athletes.  We have spoke to numerous educators all over the country and they all believe their way is the best and they’re right.  Kids learn differently and with so many choices we had to test the different ways kids learn, find common denominators, and make other observations to figure out how to teach our own kids.  Most parents will tell you that their kids are different and learn differently.  Well, our boys are no exception.  One common denominator was that kids really can learn to read, do math, ski, skate, swim, etc. by the age of 2-3 years old.  Not all kids will like my first child, who at 5 years old was skiing, skating and swimming on his own whereas my second child was only 3 years old when he started those things on his own.  That’s a 2 year difference.  I’ve also seen kids younger than mine doing the same things much better than my kids.  My first child was 4.5 yrs.old when he read his first book on his own.  Just before he turned 6 years old he earned an award  for reading over a 100 books on his own.  This was a program developed by the Boston Public School system.  Keep in mind he is also doing 16 of 40 sports we/I picked and he started his second year of Chinese school every Sunday and he got a 100% on his first test ever and it was First Grade Chinese (he’s currently in kindergarten).  He hates going to Chinese school but continues to go by his choice.  The point is you have to teach and coach them how to make good choices.  Your kids will reach all the milestones you set for them as long as you set them and be a patient coach.  You may have heard, if you fail to plan your plan will fail.  We will provide you with an outline and some ideas but it’s up to you to take the time and to learn what’s best for your kid.

From what I’m seeing my kids are just average compared to families that have more resources and are in the know.  I have noticed even a lot of the wealthy families have missed the window of opportunity which is unfortunate for the child, family, and society.  The first 4 years, 0-2yr. and 2-4yr., are the most critical for your child’s future and mental development.   This is more important than high school and/or college put together!  If you do nothing else for your child ever again at the very least dedicate the first 6 years of their life to their education.  One of our many motivations to do this was if anything ever happened to us we wanted to know that our children would be all set mentally and physically for the rest of their life.  Done in the proper manner this will give a child the early education they need to have the mental capacity to learn in any environment, excel, and not only to succeed in life but to help others in the process!  You can not get that first 4 years of a child’s life back!  You have one chance to do the best for your kid!

I am taking a course, Parent University, at Northeastern University, highly recommended and it’s free.  In one class they were talking about the new math standards.  We offer and teach the same course, all over the country, that they are using for the National Standard.  The difference is that the national standard that is being taught for 3rd grade level math, is the same standard being taught to 4 and 5 year olds.  Now imagine what it would be like if the national standard was for every k2 child to learn and know algebra, calculus, and to read chapter books.  There are thousands of kids currently doing all that and more.  Life gets much easier the smarter we are.  One illustration of this is that in 2013 China plans on building the tallest building in the world with Dubai architects to build a 220 story skyscraper in just 90 days!  Currently (2012) the tallest building in the world is in Dubai and it took 4 years to build.   Your 6-10 year old can and should be doing some type of high school level work (mainly math and reading) and college level work in high school.  This has to be fixed by all of us and it starts today because now you know and you care about your children and our future, right?  Here are a couple of the responses I got from the Boston Superintendent’s office: “It was good enough for my kids and they turned out OK.” and “I wish they would share this information with us.”

For parents that miss that window of opportunity don’t worry.  We  turned out OK, didn’t we?  Seriously though, as Albert Einstein use to say, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” He is right.  It’s never too early or too late to start learning something new and your brain requires exercise just like your muscles.  If you don’t work your muscles it will result in atrophy or in other words they will shrink and disappear.  Studies have shown that the same thing can occur with your brain.

How can the Government or the School System tell us what to do when they don’t even know themselves?  They can’t.  Right now it’s not their responsibility it’s the parents but no one is telling the parents that and/or the parents just don’t know what to do.  The problem and how to solve it shown on C-Span featuring (click here): Helen Blank is Director of Leadership and Public Policy, National Women’s Law Center, Robert H.  Dugger Chairman of the ReadyNation Advisory Board and Invest in Kids Working Group, Lisa Guernsey Director, Early Education Initiative.  This team led a discussion and talked about the Constitution where it says we have a legal obligation to take care of the welfare of the children.

Generations of children are being denied their Constitutional rights.  When they finally let your child into school at the age of 6 years old, because that’s the law, it’s too late for he or she and apparently 1.2 million other kids a year (7000 a day) that are dropping out of school!  Now they’re depressed and taking medical marijuana, alcohol, etc.!  Would you give these kids licenses or anything else?  Then who is taking care of them?  It’s no secret that instead of paying for welfare programs and jails it’s less expensive to have everyone live a much healthier and better quality of life if we just educate everyone and make them successful starting at birth.  Even if it takes us a 50 years to go through the generations to solve this problem, then at least we can be the generation to make the paradigm shift for that real change.  Some say our existence depends on it.  Look at global warming no one is doing enough about it.  If we train our babies (kids) (now going forward) to fix it they will be programed to save the planet before our current selfish system and way of life destroys it.  It’s really that simple and there are many youth movements practicing that now.  Parents, relatives, friends, and neighbors need to help each other until things change.  We need to take responsibility and prepare our kids so that the teachers can teach them everything else they need to learn and know.

“Why do you want to defend a system that was designed when we were discriminating against women…”- Senator Michael Bennet.  “The civil rights issue of our time”- Governor Chris Christie.  If you haven’t watched the DVD “Documentary Waiting for Superman” please take the time and watch it,  Become more informed and share this knowledge with someone before it’s too late for their child.  Like many other families we were on the waiting list to get into Boston public schools for 3 years!  This is unacceptable.  Hence, our mission is to raise awareness until every family is informed and engaged.

“We believe that the movie has the power to make people move, stop, think, talk, and act…” “Whether it’s reading to a child, mentoring a student in math, conducting a service learning project, making a donation, volunteering with a community based organization that does work with children and youth, voting, writing an out-bed in your local newspaper, getting on TV, doing whatever you can, host a house party, all of us has a roll to play in this crisis…” David Park, Executive VP, Mission Advancement, Americas Promise Alliance.

Special thanks to David and Sheryl Einhorn Family Charitable Trust for supporting the Waiting for Superman movement, believing in people and helping them get along better.  They work to bring nurturing environments where individuals can better develop and practice pro-social behavior such as empathy, kindness, cooperation and stability in our schools, universities and communities.

I have learned that genius is not only natural but it can be taught.  Until we change the school system it is our responsibility as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to capture this window today if we want the best for our children and if we want to see the “change“ in the World everyone is talking about.  First and foremost teach your Baby to always be loving, use proper manners, proper eating habits/nutrition, sports, math, and how to read! It is our responsibility as parents to teach our kids everything they need to know by the age of 4 years old. You only get one chance at this! How many times have we all said I wish I learned that when I was younger… It all starts at birth and needs to be done routinely and patiently until the age of 6 to 12 years old. Read More…

Thank you for sharing this vital information every parent should know. Whether they are having a baby or if they have a child under the age of 5 they need to be aware of this important information! Please forward this to everyone you know to be part of the solution.  E-mail or call anytime if you have any questions, 617-719-4486.


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  8. (Accidental drowning is the top reason for accidental death among children!  I have had to save my 4 and 6 year old boys from drowning over 10x in the past 5.5 years!  Please teach your kids how to swim and don’t take your eyes off them ever.)
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